Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Drama Deadline Day

Our transfer activity this window looks like this :-

In: James McCarthy (Wigan, £13m), Arouna Koné (Wigan, £6m), Joel Robles (Atletico Madrid, £2m), Antolín Alcaraz (Wigan, Free), Gerard Deulofeu (Barcelona, Loan), Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea, Loan), Gareth Barry (Manchester City, Loan).
Out: Marouane Fellaini (Manchester United, £27.5m), Victor Anichebe (WBA, £6m), Jake Bidwell (Brentford, Undisclosed), Jasper Johns (Sheffield United, Free), Conor McAleny (Brentford, Loan), Jan Mucha (Krylia Sovetov Samara, Free), Johan Hammer (Malmo, Free), Franciso Junior (Vitesse, Loan).


We lost Fellaini on deadline day, but we were well compensated for his loss. €32.5million (27.5mPounds) is a lot of money. He was one of the better players we had and definitely a rising star in European football. 

On that note, we must also thank Fellaini for his 5 years of awesome service. He will probably do well at MU. 

Goodbye Felli. 
Last season, we lost Jack Rodwell and in all fairness, his loss was not badly felt by Everton. Fellaini's departure on the other hand is massive for Everton, but is soften by the arrival of Gareth Barry & James McCarthy. Both can play the midfield role well enough to compensate Fellaini's departure. And dont forget, we still have Barkley & Gibson, 2 formidable central midfielders. Osman is also our evergreen midfielder. 

McCarthy & Barry, our 2 new Midfield Enforcers
Anichebe's departure was a surprise. He is a true Evertonian. Nonetheless, €7.09Million (6m Pounds) is one hell of a deal for a player who never really reached his true potential. Hopefully he does not get injured too often. He will do well at WBA and we wish him the best. 

Thank you Anichebe
But Anichebe's departure is replaced by another powerhouse striker in Lukaku. To say his loan transfer is a coup, is an understatement. Here is a talent ready to burst into the big scene of football. He looks like the next Drogba, maybe better. It will be a pleasure to see him wear the Everton colours for this season
However, the biggest "transfer" for Everton this window is holding on to Baines. He is without doubt, Everton's best player at this moment and he will continue to be the fulcrum of the team for the next few months. 

Baines, STILL an Evertonian (for now)

We did well in this transfer window. We have been so used to non-activity under Moyes for so many years, then we have forgotten how it is like to be actually involved in so many transfers in one window. 

Nonetheless, with the dust settling down, it is now time for the team to gel and start winning games. No use patting our back for good transfer deals if we don't convert this into victories. 

Lets move on!

And to the new boys, welcome to Goodison Park. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Season Opener but Scissors are opening too

Yes, the season has started. We did well to come back from a goal down and score 2 at Carrow Road, but with respect to Norwich, the goals we conceded were rather soft goals. It was a game we should have won. 

However, the new season sees the scissors opening too - the scissor to cut up our team by Manchester United. As usual, teams who have the money come prowling at our doorstep again to pry away our best players. We lost Rooney 10 years ago. Graveson to Real Madrid when he was in top form for us. Lescott a few years ago to moneybag Man City, and recently Arteta to Arsenal on deadline day. 

It is irritating to see other clubs come cut up our team but our Board is so weak that we continue to lose our bests. 

There is no doubt that losing Fellaini and Baines is not a matter of 'if' but is a matter of 'when'. Baines have been our fulcrum for a few years and Fellaini has dominated our midfield in the last 2 seasons or so. If we really have to lose them, a combine fee of 50million Pounds would be great but somehow, knowing how pathetic our Board is, they will probably accept a far lesser sum. 

And the big concern is, WHEN they go, does Roberto Martinez have enough time to get replacements. And IF he does get replacement, do they have enough time to gel with the squad. 

Really heart-breaking to see Everton cut open by other clubs year in, year out. Fans of Manchester United speak as if it is their 'right' to come get Fellaini and Baines, and that is what happens when arrogance overcome humility. 

David Moyes, for many years seen as an Everton hero and almost a legend has diminished all his 11 years of good work at Everton with one single derisory bid of 28million pounds for the 2 players. We are aware that at MU, the deal maker is not the Manager but some Director (who just replaced David Gill); but no bid would have been made without consulting Moyes. He should know better that such an amount would be an insult to Everton and more importantly an insult to himself. After years of grooming Baines and Fellaini and after years of putting his effort to make these 2 players into top class players, Moyes now made such a low bid, which effectively means Moyes himself is diminishing his own efforts in the development of these 2 players. 

Be it as it may, we have lost many players, but we have never lost our sense of hope and our stand for good football. We are only where we are, because we cant compete financially. If we have an extra 10million pounds every year, we would have been in Champions League more often. 

Lets hope Bill Kenwright and the Board will stand up and defend the club, better. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Manager, New Players, New Hope

Roberto Martinez officially took over Everton on 1st July 2013. He quickly signed on 4 new players, namely Aroune Kone, Antolin Alcaraz, Joel Robles and on loan, Gerard Deulofleu. 


Kone is already 29, and bring his wealth of experience to Everton. He was one of Wigan's better players last season.


As for Antolin, not much is known of him. He was of course from Wigan too. He was out injured most of the time last season; but reports indicates that when he was fit to play, he played well for Wigan then. 


Robles is an up and coming Goalkeeper. He would challenge Howard for the top glove especially since Muncha left in June 2013. Last season, Robles was on loan to (where else) Wigan; and he did well during the FA Cup run. 

Unfortunately Wigan was relegated last season, and we can only hope that these players are good enough to play for Everton who, for the last few seasons finished in the top 7. 

Deulofeu on the other hand is from Barcelona and was the fulcrum of the Barcelona B team last season. You Tube Videos of him shows impressive skills. He would probably need to get used to the hard tackling game of the EPL and would compliment our team well. 

However, the key for the coming season is to keep out better players. Jagielka, Gibson, Fellaini and Baines are our key players. We must try to keep all our players, particularly these 4 and if we keep them all; we may be formidable again.  Mirallas would be a force, if he stay injury-free, and Pienaar will be a good playmaker on the left side of our game. 

Neville has left, and whilst many Evertonian be-grudgingly respected him, but his leadership on and off the pitch was crucial to keep the team together. Martinez need to find new leaders amongst the current players. Osman and Jagielka would be natural leaders, and these leaders should be given the opportunity to lead and be the bridge between the players and the new management. 

New Managers always bring some re-newed hope. Martinez have already changed and tweaked the way we play, if one watch the last 2 pre-season game. With the 4 new players, and current crop of players, we have a decent chance to finish in the top 10 again. Whether we can challenge for a top 4 place, is left to be seen. As usual, the first target is to ensure we don't get relegated. Anything higher than 5th place is a bonus. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thank you David Moyes

David Moyes' departure, while expected, is very sad indeed for Everton Football Club. 

Moyes has led Everton with distinction & honour. He may not have won any trophies for Everton, but he won the hearts of Evertonians. He embodied the spirit of the club. Passion, Commitment & Discipline. 

With a pittance of a budget, he took Everton to Europe 4 times and an FA Cup Final appearance. Everton also qualified to the semi-finals on a number of times for the FA Cup & League Cup. 

However, no one is bigger than the club, not even Moyes. Everton have to move to, and move on quickly. The Evertonians can only hope that Bill Kenwright & the Board will chose well. 

But, to Mr David Moyes, we salute you. There will never be another David Moyes. Thank you for 11 years of service.