Derby defeat

Unfortunately, Everton lost again to Liverpool in the EPL. The game on Saturday was scrappy and both teams did not produce their best.

Everton however was too reliant on Arteta after he came on. The other players must create space for him, in order for him to create passes. Too many times, Arteta was searching for a pass and the other players were too static to accept a pass.

Anyway, we will have to focus on gaining a place in Europe. The immediate target is to overtake Birmingham, before focussing on a higher place. The teams above Everton are doing well, and it will be a tall order to overtake Birmingham, let alone finish in the higher spots.

However, we must stay positive. Everton has risen many times in the last 5 seasons when facing adversity. We have a fairly balanced team, and our better players are returning one by one from injury. We can and shall do it.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum!


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