Can we still safe the season?

The recent victory over Chelsea in the FA Cup somewhat lifted the gloom at EFC. We were lucky to beat Chelsea that day; but Chelsea too was lucky to get a draw against us at Goodison Park in our earlier FA Cup tie. All things even out, we manage to grab the opportunity when it matters most.

Our financial report is also bleak. Despite all the European adventures, we are still poor. Despite free from paying the salary of Yobo (on loan to Turkey), Yakubu (on loan to Leicester) & Pienaar (sold to Spurs) we still dont have the money to go buy decent striker, a right wing and another back up left back.  

It has been an uneventful season so far, and the fans can only hope that somehow somewhere, the Team will pick up steam and collect some wins to stay clear of relegation. To qualify Europe would be asking too much; and many Evertonians would likely be happy with a decent Cup run.



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