7th Heaven?

Everton has remained steadily in top 10 in the last 6 seasons. Except for 2006 when we finished 11th. We have remained in the top half in all other 5 years:-

2005 - 4th
2006 - 11th
2007 - 6th 
2008 - 5th
2009 - 5th
2010 - 8th 
2011 - 7th 

Looking back; a few prevalent  theme can be seen. 

First, many clubs now pack their defence when playing Everton. This is a reflection of our prowess. We use to be the team who pack our defence and hit on the counter; but our steady performances over the years, have attracted this kind of re-action from other teams. 

Secondly, flowing from the first point above, we need to overcome this by getting better wingers, who can unlock tight defence; and more reliable strikers. With Yakubu & Vaughn certain to leave, we have only the ever-injured Saha, unpredictable Beckford and the inconsistent Anichebe to rely on. We need a striker in the mould of Andy Johnson to compliment out 3 power-based strikers. The 3 names above are all strong and power-based strikers. They need a runner who will run the channels to open up the game. Alternatively, we should consider buying 2 new strikers and let go one of the 3 names above. 

Thirdly, we have to find a back up for Leighton Baines.

My personal conclusion, get 2 stronger wingers. Buy 1 or 2 strikers. Find another left back to compliment Baines. 

To all Everton players, thank you for playing your best for our club.


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