Barkley stays on

Ross Barkley, another Everton young player on the rise, agreed to a new 4 year deal. 

Man Utd and Chelsea are apparently after him. This new deal would secure his services for a few years, and on the worst case scenario, if he leaves Everton, the club would be able to gain a more lucrative transfer fee. 

Nonetheless, it is without doubt that Everton is now, amongst the best producing youth player Club in UK. It is just unfortunate that we dont have the financial might to buy better players to compliment our burgeoning youth squad. 

It is hoped that Barkley and Rodwell (another top young player of Everton) would stay on for many years to come. They may be Everton future midfield partnership ala Iniesta-Xavi. Whilst these 2 players may not be as skillful as the Barcelona duo, but they do have the potential to form a powerful midfield pairing to take on the EPL. 

Thank you Barkley for staying on with the club which gave your the opportunity to grow. 


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