Rodwell Sold!

Rodwell heading to Man City

In a shocking and almost stealth like transfer deal; Rodwell was sold to Man City. 

Depending on which news portal one read, Rodwell went for either 12 Million to 15 Million Pounds. As much as anyone will accuse Evertonians for being bias and over inflating the price of our players; surely it cannot be denied that, the amount is rather low for Rodwell. Whilst he may not be a full International; but his potential is massive. 

In any event, Evertonians in Malaysia is more concern of where the transfer fee goes to. Hopefully it will be given to Moyes to re-invest and not the creditors. 

As for Rodwell, we wish him well. He was our new young star after Rooney. He scored some memorable goals (one of it was THAT goal against Man United 2 seasons ago)' and he famously marked out his new team-mate David Silva last season when we beat Man City 1-0. 

Thank you for the memories, Rodwell and maybe one day, you may return to Everton. 

News link:-

Rodwell scores THAT goal against Man United in 2009/2010 season


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