From ESCM with love

On September 14th, 2012, Everton Supporter's Club of Malaysia's rep, Richard Wee visited Goodison Park. At the visit, he handed over a small token from ESCM to Everton Football Club. The token, a custom made Canvas printout of ESCM photos over the years, was ESCM's way to connect and remain in contact with our beloved EFC.

At hand to receive the same was Ms Laura Doyle of EFC. Laura was ever so obliging, assisting and connecting with ESCM via Richard Wee. 

The Canvas print was signed off by our President, Brendan; who signed 'Blue Till We die'. Also along the border of the Canvas frame, names of all ESM members were hand written in gold-ink. 

Laura will be handing over the gift to either David Moyes or our club legend, Graeme Sharp. 

Its truly, a Grand Old Club to play for!

RicWee & Laura Doyle


mini me said…
forever + everton = foreverton
Amir Hamzah said…
Though hurt we felt by the sudden exodus from the Indonesian tourney, Brendan put it rightly. BLUE TILL WE DIE!

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