Credit Given Where It Is Due

Watching last Saturday's early kick-off between Everton and Man Utd, I got a little anxious, but kept telling myself "Just watch this game and expect us to lose". Cause going into a game like this (considering the form that we are currently in) it was better to be pessimistic so that when we lose, I won't be so upset.

And when that skinny Fletcher danced through our defence, and scored a ridiculous goal, I sent a text message to Roshan and Sooraj and told them that our defence was once again leaking goals, and there was never any firm intention to try and "defend" at all. I was freaking pissed off.

Sooraj replied me and said that he wasn't even bothered to watch the game as he had "better things to do". I guess, many Evertonians, at that point in time was feeling fed-up as well with how we were playing each game. So rather than sit through the games and watch us get decapitated, we might as well spend our Saturday nights going shopping, drinking, etc.

"Expect us to lose by more than 5 goals" was his next reply, and I told him "The bigger the margin the better!" I'll be honest, at that point, I was hoping that Everton gets hammered so that they'll go back and think seriously about what has happened.

But then Roshan texted me a little while later saying something like - Have faith in the boys.

Well, in the opening first few minutes of the 2nd half, it was almost like the 1st. Man Utd dominated. Part of me wanted to switch channel and watch something else, but part of me was "hoping" that something good might come out of this game.

And it did.

The moment Phil Neville put in that crunching tackle on Ronaldo (which Ronaldo over-reacted - what else is new?), it sent one message - Phil was pissed off and he wanted to take this game on. What he did next was of course, provide a good cross in - over the defenders, away from Van Der Sar, right on the head of Fellani to score!!

That was the moment Goodison errupted, and it reminded me of the season Duncan Ferguson scored and won us the game at Goodison. It sounded as if we had won the league.

Then, there's of course the incident when Fat Boy Rooney decided to kiss his MU badge to show the Everton supporters "I'm love MU", which made me think "This Rooney is a bloody idiot lah". How can you grow up as an Evertonian, be the Everton Mascot when you were little, and the play for your favourite club in the league, and declare yourself "Once a Blue, Always a Blue", and now you do this?

To me this is just pure stupidity, as it puts himself to shame, because it shows how disloyal and untrust-worthy he is as a person. I mean look at Carlo Nash, who has grown up supporting Everton, and now playing for Everton (as a back up goalkeeper) at his older age. He embraces the club he love and supported as a boy. Now this is what you call loyalty.

Anyway, as a whole, our Captain (who's always been a subject of abuse by our own fans) put in a marvellous performance and led by example. In my opinion he was my Man of The Match, for the way he handled Man Utd, and putting fear in them, and also inspiring the rest of Everton players and supporters to do the same. He was the catalyst that night. And because of that, credit should be given to Phil Neville for everything he did right on the night.


Anonymous said…
Rooney is an idiot.

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