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Malaysian Evertonians were asked 3 questions in a random interview on the Official Everton Supporters Club of Malaysia’s e-group. 

The questions were:-

1.        Why you support Everton?

2.        When you supported Everton?

3.        What was you best moment with the club, since you started supporting the Toffees.

Below are the replies from the Evertonians:-

Ahmad Shahbudin

1.   The rest was either shites or spurs.... Everton then....

Right before making the decision to support the Toffees, tripped and found myself bleeding blue blood.... somewehere in '84 i think

3.   Karaoke with Moyes and the team in Bangkok... and watching Slick make a fool out of himself...


It just felt right.

2.   Started supporting Everton during the 80s after watching them on
the FA Cup runs of '84, '85 & '86 watching "Road to Wembley" on

3.   FA Cup final in '95. Watched it with 2 RS housemates. Rubbed it in
the following year when they couldn't beat Man U in the final. :)


1 & 2: It had to start with the FA Cup game against Shytes that we lost 3-2 back in '84 IIANM. Was watching with my uncle who is a RS, and jubilated when Lineker scored the 1st goal. The best sight and why Everton was my choice: Jan Molby's broken nose, clinching the cliche in my young mind at that time that any team in RED are sissies.

3. Best moment will always be the one game against Wimbledon, that we won to stay in top flight. Never watched the game (even until now) but jubilated as though it was real time when I read it from the NST 2 days later. Next best will be the '95 FA Cup triumph of course !


1.   Back then (In 1983 or 1984), one tv program showed football match between a blue team against a red team. Admire the blue team so much, then find out its Everton. Started to follow the team ever since. Also agreed with the motto "The Peoples Club" as Everton /ESCM actively conducting community program in UK/Malaysia and others.

In 1983 or 1984

3. Best moments probably winning FA cup in 1995 where maybe I was the only Everton supporter in the TV Room surrounded by more than 30 MU supporters.. sweet memory.. (time tgh study kat Uni). 



1.   why i support everton? dont know why, but let me quote some everton words say:-

Evertonians are born not manufactured.

We do not choose, we are chosen.

Those that understand need no explanation.

Those that don't understand, DON'T MATTER!


2.   cant remember when actually...but i remember on FA cup final 1995 live in TV...

3.   the best moment- dates back @ 2005 when we flying to EUropean Champions League..but it was a bad moment too, when we lose to villareal..shit! !


Sooraj Nair

1.   I have always considered myself a blue blood since young. I never liked the Red Shytes even though most of my friends were beginning to support them. I have always felt 'comfortable' with the Toffees. Players like Adrian Heath, Steve McMahon, Kevin Ratcliff, Graeme Sharp, Kevin Sheedy & Neville Southall cemented my love for the club.

2.   Since the tender age of 9. Season 1981/82.

3.   When we won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1985. The other best moments are whenever we beat the Red Shytes.


M. Kumar

1. & 2. I started to support Toffees in 1983 when I was at age of 9. That's the 
first time I have watched football game in TV and I saw a team with Blue
shirt. It's EVERTON. Since then I supported and will support till my last 

3. The best moments for me 1989 FA Cup win and 1991 FA cup replay with 
Shites end with 4-4. We equalize every Shites goal.


 Shamim Imran

1, 2 & 3.

It was the FA Cup Final in 1986, I was 10 years old and watching it on RTM with my younger brother. As the both of us could never support the same side, I told him I'm choosing the team in blue (Everton) and he sided with the red (Liverpool). Have been following the team in blue ever since.

Stuart McCall's equaliser in the 1989 FA Cup Final against Liverpool, saw me celebrating like mad around our whole house. It was way past midnight then, and my father never liked noise, especially from football on TV (he's a big time cricket lover) but when we got the equaliser I was so so happy. We lost though, painfully.

Everton's visit to Malaysia in 1988 was also a great time to remember. It was the first time ever I saw them in real life, and that has remained so till today. We were champions in England, and the Stadium Merdeka was jam packed with 40,000 then. Malaysia had a side to be proud off back then, and played really well. It ended in a draw 1-1 if I'm not mistaken (I was only 12, and wasn't too sure should I be supporting Everton or my own country, and finally I just supported both..hahaha) . Everton lifted the NEC Cup on penalties after regular time ended in a draw. Back then at least the Malaysian fans did not discriminate against the own national team, unlike how we see nowadays where they boo the Malayan Tigers (their own countrymen) in favour of EPL teams (games vs Chelsea, Man.Utd, Arsenal-in recent memorylah).. 

Paul Rideout's winner in 1995 over Manchester United still rankles amongst the best times I have being in blue. I proudly wore my NEC jersey back then (original tau, bought in Singapore for SGD$50, well spent savings) to the old Uptown hawkers in Damansara Utama, together with my Everton scarf and cap, heckling every single pissed off Red Devil then. Hahaha, fun times in blue.

I know I'm going beyond the requirements here, but the most memorable moment for me was last year when after 21 years of supporting them, I finally stepped foot into Goodison Park. It was a Thursday, Everton we're playing Metalist Kharkiv away, and I happened to take a chance, and temporarily abandoned my job duties with the MyTeam 2 boys who were in Manchester. There were no stadium tours on the day, but EFC's receptionist Munsy informed the security chief Mark Brannaghan of my intention to walk into the hallowed grounds. He waited for me at the Park End entrance, with the big gates swung open, and I burst out crying. I never realised so much emotional attachment Everton had in me back then. Mark just stood quietly watching me bask in the glory at Goodison and then took me on a personal your of the stadia. Its great to know that people like Munsy & Mark show that EFC is more than just a club with face, it has soul, truly The People's Club. And that was the best time I've had so far with the Toffees.

I do hope it doesn't remain like that though, despite this seasons aspirations going down the drain. I wish for many more happy memories while I'm alive, hopefully we'd be able to go win the FA Cup again, this season. I would also love to be in the day, watching Everton play in Goodison.


Joseph Fong

1.   Everton with their famous blue and white shirt with the big 
sponsor of NEC written in front of it caught my attention. Blue has 
been my favourite colour and red is what i hate most. That very day 
was the first time i saw football on TV and it was the day that 
Everton in blue gave Liverpool in red a lesson in football. The sight 
of Gary Lineker scoring and raising his hand with that smirky smile 
in jubilation is still fresh in my mind.


2.   Can't remember the date to be exact. All i can remembered was 
during my time in primary school and i should be in Standard 2. Or 
was it Standard 1? Hmmm....


3.   There are many. One greatest one that will always be on my mind 
was the FA Cup success over the mighty Man.Utd. Big Dunc was all over 
the rock solid Gary Pallister and Anders Limpar was pulling all the 
creativity in midfield. And of course the other would be us coming 
back from the dead against Wimbledon (cant remember which year). We 
had to win that game and we did that by scoring 3 goals at the 
greatest comeback in Everton football history!! We were fighters, we 
never gave up - and this is the spirit that we are lacking these days.


Yin Biing Wen

1. Why you support Everton?

Everything from color, team ethics, social commitment.

2. When you supported Everton?

In the early eighties.  Nothing much, just saw them play on TV Big League Soccer and they looked awesome.

3. What was you best moment with the club, since you started supporting the Toffees.

There are just too many good moments whilst supporting the club.  However, it is the work ethics, the guile and commitment of the players that holds me to the club - that was during the 80s.  The 90s and 00s, is a different story.  More alike the supporters whom I got to know that have reinstill faith and continuos support to the team.  Supporting Everton isnt just on the pitch but off as well.  Its efforts in humanitarian activities (i.e. flood victims of Johore, Phuket tsunami victims, its social role to community) all stregnthens my belief and support for the peoples club. 




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