24th appearance in the FA Cup semi-finals for Everton, when we play MU next month. 

Only MU and Arsenal had played at that stage more than Everton. But we nearly did not reach there, last night. Our first half performance was simply not good. Boro seized control of the midfield and it showed. I was a little surprise that Moyes rested Gosling, as I feel with Gosling in, he can play him on the right, Pieneer on the left with Osman, Fellaini and Neville in the centre. 

Whilst Rodwell did decently well in the first half, but we look much better in the 2nd half with Saha spearheading the attack. The 2 goals were well taken though I felt the first goal was more due to Boro's keeper's error. Oh well, football is about taking your chances. 

So, now we meet MU. At this stage it matters not who we meet. The other options were Chelsea or Arsenal/Hull. Maybe Hull may upset Arsenal, though I am sorry to say this to Hull fans, but i think Arsenal is a little better than them. So, either way, we have to play a big team at this stage. 

On that note, I have to concede similarly that MU is, on paper a far better team than Everton. The team itself costs 3-5 times more than Everton. Look at this:-

1. Rio Ferdinand - 30 million pounds
2. Berbatov - 30 m
3. Fatboy traitor - 28 m
4. Hargreaves - 20 m
5. Carrick - 18m
6. Vidic - 7m 
7. Evra - 5.5m
8. Ronaldo - 18m
9. Anderson and Nani - total around 20m - 30m (not sure what is the precise amount)
10. Tevez - on loan, but if confirmed, expected transfer 30m.

1. Howard - 3.5m
2. Jag - 4m
3. Lescott - 4m
4. Yobo - 4m
5. Baines - 6m
6. Neville - 3.5
7. Arteta - 2m
8. Pieneer - 2m
9. Cahill - 2m
10. Gosling - 1m
11. Saha - free transfer (contra for outstanding transfer fee from Fatboy/traitor's move to MU)
12. Yakubu - 12m
13. Fellaini - 15m. 

So, looking at the transfer fee itself, you can see who is the more awesome team. I am hoping we can upset MU. It will be difficult without Arteta, but we cant complain too much. We just need to make do with what we have and move on.

Lets hope we can make it to Wembley for the 2nd time in May.



Amir Hamzah said…
with belief miracles can happen! and as I have learnt from my boss: We can do miracles, but the impossible just takes a little bit longer! vive la Everton!

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