Everton bounced back from that bad defeat to Arsenal. We beat Sigma from Czech Republic 4-0. Also, this match unearthed our own Paul-Schole-like slam kick goal talent in Rodwell. Both his goals, from powerful kicks outside the penalty box, were well taken. We are delighted for him. Just hope he dont get twisted to suddenly want to leave Everton; like Fat-boy who left Everton the moment he smelled money. 

But Saha was a delight. His 2 goals were very good. If he can stay fit, maybe he can score 15 goals for Everton this season.

Everton is not in the group stage of Europa League yet, but the 4-0 win will go a long way to ensure the 2nd leg at Czech Republic would be easier. 

Now for Burnley this Sunday.



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