First win in the EPL

What a way to win the game. Scoring via a penalty in the last minute of injury time is dramatic to say the very least. But Baines showed great composure to score. After missing last week's penalty, today's penalty (& win) was of paramount importance to Everton.

But again we slogged without a playmaker in the middle of the park. We need Arteta back asap. In the meantime, there are rumours of Everton taking Van De Vart from Real Madrid. Him joining us is the stuff of dreams. Rafeal Van De Vart is a top midfielder. He can unlock defences and he will be a great addition IF he joins.

Apparently we are looking at Heitinga too. He is a solid defender who can play in the centre and on the right. We do need a better right back as Hibbert is out of depth. I like Hibbert, but the the cause of the team is always larger than any one player. Perhaps Hibbert can be a squad player, if we get a better right back.

In the meantime, we should savour this 1st win in EPL. 

Now that the match is over, Evertonians all over the world will hold our breath for the next 48 hours to see who we can sign up, with the transfer window closing at the end of 31st August.


shky said…
I am glad we finally get the Premier League going. And I definitely agree with you that Hibbert can only be a squad player at best. There are too many times our right side is exposed leading to unnecessary opportunities for the opponents.
pgee said…
Me too. Agreed that Hibbo is only squad members thou he did impress me with his crosses in that match.. Hope Heitinga will come but I cannot see that happen as he need to reduce his wages.. other candidates probably miguel or ryan taylor (he is RS, thou)

Back to the game.. Rodwell was superb.. he MUST play as midfielder.. Pienaar with his running & tricks enjoyable to watch.. In my opinion, MOTM between those two..Fellaini also had a good game..

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