Dear Moyes,

[an open letter from the founder of ESCM to David Moyes, after the display against Man City last Saturday)

Dear Moyes,

Why must you start the game with a supposed 4-5-1 that looked more like a 4-6-0 when it is obvious that Cahill is ineffective as the lone striker - fact is Timmy cant hold up the front line, he works best supporting the striker

And the fact that we do have numerous recognised strikers on the bench!! Saha, Stracq, Vellios and even Gueye!! What will it take for you to start one of them let alone both!!?

Who was our left winger today? Was is Ozzie or Capt Fizzer? Osman on left is a no!! Why did u keep Billy, Barkley And Drenthe on the bench???

AND most importantly why are you so afraid to put up a fast pacey attacking squad? 

The moment u list such a defensive squad only indicates our ambition. Perhaps you are being realistic but I believe in an optimistic view and taking the game to shitteh!! 

Suggested lineup:-
Cahill Saha
Drenthe Fellaini Rodwell Coleman
Baines Distin Jags Hibbert

And we have Barkley, Billy, Vellios, Stracq, Osman on the bench to provide more firepower, ohh and Capt Fizzer too!! 

Ohhh one more thing, the next time we find ourself down, dammit just do the damn substitutions immediately!! 

Please Moyes.... Please.... 

Heres to the derby next week, you'd better put up a fight!

Ivan Jan
Everton Supporters Club of Malaysia


elegant lily said…
on hindsight, perhaps moyes was right about the defensive playing style. at least everton let in only two goals against Man City.Just look at what happened to Man Utd when they tried playing attacking style against Man city.

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