New Players

We signed 2 players on Loan. One is Argentine with an almost impossible surname to mention, and another is a fallen star of Holland. 

Royston Drenthe was the U-21 Holland star a few years ago before he moved to Madrid. Like all young players who move to big clubs too early in their career, their growth is stunted. There were some disturbing news of him when he was at Hercules on loan last season; but we will focus more on his talent. Moyes also plucked Pienaar from Dortmund many years ago when Pienaar was rotting there. Pienaar too, like Drenthe was seen as the future star but his star waned when he moved to Dortmund. Moyes made Pienaar into a good player again, at Everton. If there is any manager who can coax the best out of Drenthe, it would probably be Moyes. 



As for the Argentine striker. He is an unknown to most Evertonians in Malaysia. All we know is that he is a top striker at Argentina last season. Lets hope he will continue that form into Everton. We have plucked unknown strikers before like Mc Bride from US who turned out great for us.  However before that, lets learn how to pronounce his name:-

Denis Stracqualursi = "De-nis Stra-kwa-luhr-see"

Maybe best we call him by his nickname "Tracagol".

Anyway, welcome to the club Boys. Once you join Everton, you will always be an Evertonian!

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