Kieran Agard - Everton's Reserve

This is Kieran Agard, our Everton Reserve Player, who has generously added me in Facebook also.

This is his Shirt in the Everton Dressing Room.

Both of these pictures, I kinda took off his Facebook photo albums (opps).

This guy is a top guy and you can tell he hopes to break into the Everton's first team one day.

I tried my luck and sent him a message on Facebook. This is what I wrote:

Hi Kieran. I'm an Everton Fan from Malaysia.

May I ask? Where are you playing now? Reserves or have you been loan out?

And how's Everton's mood coming along? I and many Evertonians in Malaysia are really excited and nervous about the Merseyside Derby next week and the FA cup Derby the following week. We really want to beat the Reds!

And he replied the following day:

Hello, no probs. I'm still in the reserve but I'm trying to get out on loan to gain some first team experience. Other than that, things are fine, thanks. Yep, it's a big game coming up, and there would be nothing better than getting one over them reds.

Well, that pretty much sums up what it means to be a Toffee. Whether you are a player, a reserve player, an academy player, a mascot, and most important, a fan - like all of us.


And thanks Kieran Agard for replying me.


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