surprise, surprise

One thing about Everton FC, they never fail to surprise. A team bereft of strikers, yet we have been achieving several wins on the trot. We've held Arsenal, lost by a mere penalty to MU, overcome Liverpool in a trilogy of games and seen off Villa in the final 16 of the FA Cup. Stupefying is the word, as almost all pundits are stumped by this sparkling run.

Then again, Everton has always been noted for pulling out surprises from the bag. The club was touted to rule the 60's; yet ended up with only two league titles and the FA Cup in 66. The 90's should have heralded Toffee domination, instead results went from bad to worse. We were touted as relegation candidates for almost every season subsequently; yet we survived and won the FA Cup for good measure in 95.

Which is why, in the new millenium, the only prediction one can make about Everton is that we'll continue to surprise. From Champions League qualifiers to relegation strugglers, the roller coaster ride that is Everton Football Club is nothing less than one stomach-churning, hair-pulling, nail-biting, voice-breaking adventure.

And who's complaining really, barring a bald toad in Anfield and a bald moron on TV.

So small club, big club, exciting club, boring club, who cares. Cause this is Everton Football Club.


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