As far as I am concern, we lost last Sunday's game against Villa. Leading 2-0 and to be held to a 3-3 draw is difficult to fathom.

On terms of aggregate, we beat Villa this season 8-7. We should never have lost that 2-3 game back in November. We controlled the game for 85 minutes, and the scored 3 times in possibly 3 shots at goal.

We thoroughly trashed them in February 3-1. We could have easily won that game 5-1 or 6-1 that day.

And that Sunday game at Villa park, we were definitely the better team for at least 50-60 minutes, before suddenly our defence just became porous.  

This does not augur well before our FA Cup semifinals against Manure this Sunday. If we let in goals that way, that getting to the final will be difficult. As an optimist, I will be eternally hope we can beat Manure and reach our 1st FA Cup final since 1995. 

But we really let go a golden oppurtunity to beat Villa at their own stadium. We must improve and beat them next season.


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