Wembley can be wobbly for Devils

Friday, April 17th, 2009 07:01:00
WILL we see a wobbly performance by Manchester United again, but this time at Wembley when they play Everton in the FA Cup semifinals.

Wobbly would best describe their games the last four weeks or so.

Since they lost to that other club nearby Goodison Park, they have gone on to lose to Fulham, failed to beat Porto and only managed a very late goal against Villa to get three points.

Last weekend’s game against Sunderland showed that when up against a team who goes toe-to-toe with United, they tend to wobble.

I hate to say it, but this Sunday’s FA Cup game is going to be about that team in Manchester actually.

When you have players like Tevez and Ronaldo sitting on the bench, you know that this is a team of quality, and to beat them, any team would have to face them when they are not at their best.

On paper, it would be for them to lose.

Everton will be going into the match as a massive underdog.

Check this out:- Man U spent more than two times than Everton, in the transfer market this season; They have a far bigger squad than Everton; Their players are paid far more than Everton’s average salary. But Everton will be no pushover despite the odds.

We have team work, team spirit and Tim Cahill.

We have seen many times hows our boys have risen to the occasion and gave the teams playing in the Champions League, a run for the money.

In the last 20 games, Everton have only lost twice.

And that despite us playing without Yakubu and Arteta.

The fact that we even played without a recognised striker for a month back in January is already well documented.

Cahill have lifted the team many times, and I hope that he and the other hardworking players can do it again this Sunday.

It will be tough, but hey! someone’s got to beat them in the FA Cup, isn’t it?


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